Kinokaban®︎ Yatsugatake Atelier & Gallery

At the foot of Mt. Yatsugatake, which straddles Yamanashi Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture, in the quiet forest, there is the atelier and the gallery of Kinokaban, where you can see the works of the wooden bags. You can enjoy not only the room that the builder took time and effort to create but also the seasonal garden. Please spend time slowly flowing with the wooden bags.

"I want to pick something that feels right in my hand."

"I would like to hear directly what kind of background and thoughts this work was born."

"I want to see the new work as soon as possible" "I want to see the production site"

The thoughts of customers who visit the gallery are various. We would be happy if we could convey the unique charm of the wooden bag that might not be conveyed at the exhibition hall or online store.

Yatsugatake atelier with wooden bags



Reservation method

Reservations are required to visit. Please let us know your wish to visit by the inquiry form or e-mail at least two days before your desired date.

Please use the inquiry form here.







5993-1 Yato, Oizumi-cho, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture 409-1502

TEL/FAX: 0551-38-2741



For customers arriving by car:

10 minutes from Chuo Expressway Nagasaka IC, 15 minutes from Kobuchizawa IC

For customers arriving by train:

15 minutes by taxi from Kobuchizawa Station on the JR Chuo Main Line, 10 minutes by taxi from Kai Koizumi Station on the JR Koumi Line



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