Since its establishment, we have been committed with a sense of mission and responsibility to the life of the linden tree, which has lived for more than 150 years.


Cherish linden, which eventually become a bag

Linden trees used for wooden bags are harvested in Hokkaido. This includes not only those logged for commercial purposes, but also those logged for unavoidable reasons associated with the construction of roads and facilities in national forests and other areas. We try to keep in mind the original trees as they were when the linden trees were alive, so that we do not lose our sense of life. In addition, we regularly make donations for tree planting to organizations that are engaged in activities to protect forests.


Use limited materials with care

We purchase linden logs in their raw state, and we personally attend the sawing process to use them as materials for our bags. After sawing and processing, we do not artificially dry or disinfect the wood, but rather take the time to grow it into a suitable material.

In addition, we do not set any standards for the sawing and cutting process. In other words, we are committed to creating "designs that suit the wood", using up every last bit of wood without wasting anything.

We include some of the shavings from the production process in the shipment of our products. We want our customers to enjoy the shape, aroma, and warmth of the shavings and recall the way they looked when they were alive.

Also, during the wood-cutting process, there are inevitably small scraps of wood that cannot be processed into bags. We are committed to using up the life of the trees by actively commercializing small items made from these scraps as "pieces of wooden bags.


For long-lasting use

We hope that the long-lived life of the linden tree will be passed down to the next generation in different forms, and we will not neglect our ingenuity to ensure that our products will be in the hands of our customers for a long time to come.

In addition, in order to be able to respond to customers' requests for remakes and repairs in detail, all wooden bags since the establishment of the company have unique serial numbers engraved on them. For each serial number, we keep information on the type of wood, size and finish. By creating beautiful and exciting products that customers can strongly identify as "their bag," we aim to offer products that will be passed on to the next generation without ever becoming tired of them.

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