Good reputation from others

  • I wonder if this will actually work?' I felt at first. But when I tried it, people around me started asking me, 'What is that? What is it? Is it wood?' 'It's beautiful, wow!' I enjoy going out with them.
  • When I was invited to a party, the host complimented me and talked about the wooden bag I had. It is a good piece of work, not to be compared to anyone else's, and not to be sarcastic. I now have the confidence to join a large circle of people.
  • When I sit down on the train, I feel all eyes on the beautiful pattern on the bottom of the bag. When I open my bag at the checkout, people are surprised and ask me to show them what's inside.
  • If you take this with you to your place of business, you will be able to strike up a conversation and be remembered even when you meet for the first time. It's like a business card.


Highly fashionable

  • It is a mysterious hand bag that goes well with a shirt and jeans or a kimono.
  • I was thinking, "Which clothes would this bag go with that I have? However, after spending a lot of time with the bag, I began to think positively about what I would enjoy wearing next. The wooden bag taught me to enjoy being fashionable.
  • The subtle and matte design and lack of shiny metal hardware make it suitable for use during mourning.



  • I thought it might not hold much, but it has surprisingly good storage capacity. It is simple and easy to open, and the contents can be easily seen and organized.
  • It does not feel much heavier than a leather bag. It is lighter than expected.
  • I thought the wooden bag is for rainy days. If it gets wet,I can just wipe it with a handkerchief.


As a long-lasting bag

  • I work in the environmental field. When I use a wooden bag, I can casually convey my environmental awareness to others. I am glad that I don't have to use words like ecological, ethical, or sustainable to convey the message to the people around me.
  • I've decided to have only as many high-quality, carefully crafted items as I needed, and that's when I came across the wooden bags. It is a perfect fit for my way of life.


Enjoy the changes over time

  • I have been using a wooden bag for more than 20 years. I look forward to its change over time and its moist taste makes me feel very peaceful!
  • My granddaughter is 10 years old this year. I am going to use this bag for the next 10 years and then give it to her as a celebration of her 20th birthday. It's kind of wonderful, isn't it?


Special Experiences

  • Today I use a bag for lunch and tomorrow my mother will use it for her tea ceremony. My daughter will take it to her friend's wedding on the weekend. In this way, all three generations enjoy using the same bag!
  • Whenever I go out for a formal occasion, I always bring my bag with me. The bag tells me that I'll be fine and calms me down.
  • I use it as my "treasure box". Memorable photos, letters from family members, rings as mementos, and other items that I want to treasure are collected and stored here.
  • When I sleep, I feel somewhat relieved when I place the bag near my pillow.
  • I put the bag in my living room as an object and enjoy looking at it!
  • I really wanted my wife to have this bag. This was our first opportunity together to choose something for her to wear. The bag is attractive enough as a piece of art and is uplifting to look at. My wife is as strongly attracted to the bag as I am.
  • Even if we are strangers, I feel as if we are friends just because we have the same series of wooden bags. It's fun and interesting because I never have the same experience with other bags.
  • I named this baby. It is a strange feeling to name a bag, but I am enjoying it.




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